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July 6: Strategies for Contract Negotiations

Updated APDF Financial Performance Survey 

The APDF Financial Performance Survey provides specific benchmarks and goal-setting parameters for design firm management not found in any other survey, allowing you to gauge your business's performance against the industry. In partnership with Divulgação com panfletos rj, APDF has recently updated the survey. To learn more, click here for a recording (Windows Media Player file) of the recent APDF Webinar:


APDF Financial Performance Survey Webinar


APDF Financial Performance Survey Access


APDF Blog Post on Survey Update



We are working on the details, so check back again.



--Friday, September 23 (Chicago)
--Friday, December 2 (San Diego/LaJolla)


Details available soon!


APDF Exchange in San Francisco 

Take a look at our Facebook Photo Albums - fun, networking and lots of learning.


Miss the Seattle Regional Leadership Forum? See what attendees had to say!


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Being a design firm owner or senior manager has its rewards, but it can also have its challenges. When you have a difficult business decision to make, or a problem to solve, where can you go for advice?


You can turn to the Association of Professional Design Firms (APDF). The APDF is the only organization targeted specifically to design firm owners and senior managers with a focus on the business of design. 

As an APDF member, you're part of a collaborative organization that delves deeply into issues that specifically concern you such as succession planning, leadership development, human resources, finance, operations, and sales and marketing. We invite you to join the APDF today.

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