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“You only need three guiding principles: show up, tell the truth and be on time.”
Brian Matt
Altitude, Inc.

If you make a mistake, take it in the chops, fix it if you can, and move on. Don't pass the buck...nobody likes a Teflon designer.

— Gary Baker/Baker Brand Communications

A few clients aren't worth having. Learn to say no. Let them torment your competitors.

— Don Moyer/ThoughtForm

Low-budget jobs always have high-maintenance clients.

— Anonymous

When given a high and low price for a project, the client will only remember the low price.

— Bob Grindeland/Methodologie

Get the small project first and do it well. The big projects will follow.

— Tim Cunningham/Daedalus Excel

Even if you show ten ideas, they will always pick the one you didn't really care for.

— Karl Bischoff/Phinney Bischoff Design House

Beware of any budget using the words "not to exceed estimate."

— Paula Savage Hansen/Savage

Never trust anyone who says, "No problem."

— Gerard Furbershaw/Lunar Design

You only need three guiding principles: show up, tell the truth, and be on time.

— Brian Matt/Altitude

Always phone a day before the proposal is due to confirm the basic approach and budget...and insist on presenting it personally.

— Barry Marshall/Karo Design

Budget ranges never work. The client only remembers the low end and the designers only remember the high end.

— Deborah Williams/Design and Image

Will we end up with projects we're proud of? Will we enjoy working together? Will there be further opportunities and will we be profitable? If you can answer yes to all of these then you have a great (and perhaps rare) client.

— Leslie Phinney/Phinney/Bischoff Design House

File your emails so you don't have smoke coming out the top of your head.

— Anonymous

The perceived value of services is inversely proportional to the amount of time lapsed since they were provided.

— Gerard Furbershaw/Lunar Design

Design is a process. A good designer leads the process.

— Frank Garrity/Bally Design


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